Sandra Falkenhain was born on the 27.12.1983 in the trade fair city of Leipzig. With a high school diploma in her pocket, she immediately began training as a bank clerk in The Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank in Leipzig. After various positions in the company, with an eye to the future, she moved to Frankfurt am Main where she successfully worked in warrants trading.

In search of a new challenge, she quickly entered the real estate business, particularly in the area of ​​investment. After spending many years in the German banking metropolis, she made her way back to Dresden and from there home to Leipzig. In a seamless transition, she assumed overall responsibility of Central Germany at the Leipzig branch of a real estate company operating throughout Germany. Here, she was entrusted with the restructuring and revitalization of portfolios of various asset classes. As an interface between asset and property management, she has seen steady growth in one of the world’s largest investment funds.

Over the years, this activity and the know-how gained from it has been refined in such a way that the logical consequence was the founding of Falkenhain Invest.


In her private life, Sandra Falkenhain, in addition to her enthusiasm for sailing and aviation, has dedicated herself to professional fitness sports, similar to her Business life, and has been able to achieve award-winning success in national as well as international competitions.

In order to refine existing skills, knowledge and networks, Sandra Falkenhain is in constant exchange with national and international market participants and investors.


As a member of the GRI CLUB GERMANY as well as a discussion partner at various specialist conferences and events, Sandra Falkenhain can pass on her in-depth knowhow and constantly enrich herself through national and international exchange.